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CD: “You’re My World”
Vocalist: Jonnie Fox
Date: 2003

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  1. by GERRIE WOO, on 08.30.13 @ 11:40 pm


    WOW!!! I am so jealous!! You sound great. Very impressive….

  2. by Jonnie, on 09.28.13 @ 4:26 pm


    Wow, I just found this comment!!! Thank you my friend! Easily outshined by your amazing vocals!

  3. by Jonnie, on 03.23.14 @ 3:42 am


    Seriously, I am JUST GETTING THESE MESSAGES…I need R2 to help me with TECH STUFF! Thank you my friend. Love you lots and hope you are happy living your passion! xo

  4. by Barbara Malloy, on 09.07.13 @ 4:26 pm


    your mom said you are great!

  5. by Jonnie, on 09.28.13 @ 4:27 pm


    Not sure why I’m just seeing these messages, but thank you so much Barbara; of course, consider the source! 🙂

  6. by Jonnie, on 03.23.14 @ 3:40 am


    I am so sorry for delay, just getting all of these messages but THANK YOU so much!

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